For Valentines’s Day, February 14, I have created a series of graphs that outline the shape of a traditional heart.

If you are using a TI-83/84 or a TI-84 CE, I have created programs that when executed, will sketch out the shape of a heart. On the TI-84 CE it will be in color.

If you are using TI-Nspire, I have created a file that will not only sketch out the shape of a heart, but the file will also show the student (teacher) how this was accomplished.

Link to the files using the TI-83/84

Link to the files using the TI-84CE (color)

Link to the files using TI-Nspire

                                TI-Nspire “heart”                                        


                                TI-84CE “heart”


Lines of code for the programs for the TI-83/84 and the TI-84CE are listed below. The actual programs can be downloaded from the links.

TI-83/84 version:


TI-84CE (color) version:


Link to a 2 minute video explaining the activity.

Link to a video showing how this was done using TI-Nspire with regression equations and limited domains.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, contact me: