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This activity can be used at grade 7 or beyond. It can be done with either a TI-83/84/84CE or the TI-Nspire.

Here is a link to a website that contains all the files. On one side are the files for the 84, the other side is for Nspire.   bit.ly/superbowl53ti
Link to a short video (5 mins) that explains the activity:  Math_Super_Bowl_Activity_Video
Idea: the scores of the first 52 Super Bowl football games will be placed into lists on the calculator.

On the TI-83/84/84CE, the data is easily placed into the proper lists with the ease of running a supplied program. On the TI-Nspire, the data is already in the tns file.

The students are then asked questions about the data and will need to perform either 1 Variable Statistics to answer them, or to create a box plot to answer them. We encourage the use of groups of 4 to do the activity in class. See the Teacher Notes for either calculator.
We will begin with 20 fun trivia facts about the Super Bowl, including how it got its name. These are great class starters – fun and interesting!


Super Bowl Fun Facts 2019



Student Activity TI-83/84/84CE  (TI-Nspire version is very similar)


Teacher Solutions TI-83/84/84CE   (TI-Nspire version is very similar)



Scores of the first 52 Super Bowl games



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